Spiritual Gems from Tirukural: VI

“The mere sight of men who lust after wealth,

caring nothing for renown, is a burden to the Earth.”


“Those who possess wisdom possess everything.

Whatever others possess, without wisdom they have nothing.”


“Wisdom will harness the mind, diverting it from wrong and directing it toward right.”


“No fool is more foolish than one who eagerly expounds his learning to others while failing to follow it himself.”


“Neglecting valuable advice, an ignorant man becomes the cause of his own misery.”


“Doing what should not be done will bring ruin,

and not doing what should be done will also bring ruin.”


“Those who eat food harvested with their own hands

will never beg and never refuse a beggar’s outstretched palm.”


“An incomparable state is one never devastated;

yet if devastated, it would not diminish, but prosper.”













(Source: Spiritual Teachings-Himalayan Academy, Hawaii, USA)