Spiritual Gems from Tirukural: IV

It is the principle of the pure in heart never to injure others,

even when they themselves have been hatefully injured.


“There is nothing too difficult for a man who, before he acts,

deliberates with chosen friends and reflects privately.”


“Let a man conquer by forbearance

those who in their arrogance have wronged him.”


 “As the intense fire of the furnace refines gold to brilliance, so does

the burning suffering of austerity purify the soul to resplendence.”


“Beware of leaving any work undone, remembering that the world

abandons those who abandon their work unfinished.”


“Perseverance generates prosperity,

and the lack of it engenders poverty.”


“Procrastination, forgetfulness, sloth and sleep–

these four shape the ship bearing those destined for ruin.”


“The world has no use for those who have no use for resolute

action, whatever other strengths they may possess.”


“Respect is not just in words and behavior.

We must respect others’ viewpoints and wishes.”


“Forbidden deeds, however well accomplished, inflict sorrow

on those who seek after rather than shun them.”


“Never indulge in admiring yourself.

Never be drawn toward deeds that do not benefit others.”


“Four traits define the true gentleman: a smiling face,

a generous hand, a courteous demeanor and kindly words”




(Source: Spiritual Teachings-Himalayan Academy, Hawaii, USA)