Spiritual Gems from Tirukural: I

“Of all virtues summed by ancient sages, the foremost are to

share one’s food and to protect all living creatures.”


“Not allowing a day to pass without doing some good work is a boulder that will block your passage on the path to re-birth.”


 “The highest principle is this: Never knowingly harm anyone at anytime in any way.”


“If a man be his own guard, let him guard himself against rage.

Left unguarded, his own wrath will annihilate him.”


“Those who are free from vanity, vulgarity and venomousness

will prosper in deserving dignity.”


“Of what avail is an outer appearance of saintliness

if the mind suffers inwardly from knowledge of its sin?”


“It is compassion that sustains the world’s existence.

The existence of those bereft of it is a burden to the Earth.”


“Pleasant words, full of tenderness and devoid of deceit,

fall from the lips of virtuous men.”


“Self-control will place one among the Gods,

while lack of it will lead to deepest darkness.”


“It is said that all good things are natural to those

who know their duty and walk the path of perfect goodness.”


“Among the many precious things a man may acquire,

none surpasses a nature free from envy toward all.”


“Whatever you may fail to guard, guard well your tongue,

for flawed speech unfailingly invokes anguish and hardship.”


(Source: Spiritual Teachings-Himalayan Academy, Hawaii, USA)