Blessing and Opinions

Blessing and Opinions

This book is like a map of Hinduism, which shows from where one should start his or her spiritual journey and where the journey ends.

Baba Hari Dass
Mount Maddona Center, Santa Cruz, California

Your book is definitely written in a way that presents abundance of information about Hinduism in easily readable format and style that will clearly appeal to the Hindu youth Diaspora.

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami
Publisher of Hinduism Today
Head of Himalayan Academy and Kauai’s Hindu Monastery, Hawaii


Each subtitle is like a rung of ladder, systematically leading the reader into the depths of our ancient wisdom. Whosoever reads this book will be surely benefited from its beautiful and penetrating insights. This book will also certainly do justice in imparting correct and more comprehensive about Hinduism to those settled abroad and have forgotten its lofty principles.

Swami Vagishananda
Head of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, Mumbai, India

In this retired life when most Indians enjoy, you did painstaking research on Hinduism for ten years like tapasya. Fruit of that tapasya is evident in this beautiful book from which many readers will benefit. Your work will be treasured by the community.

Swami Tathagatananda
Sri Ramakrishna Vedanta Society, New York, USA


You have comprehensively dealt all different aspects of Hinduism that a Hindu or non-Hindu needs to know to get a good idea of Hindu religion, society and family. May the God who got this book done from you shower His choicest blessings on you.

Swami Yogatananda
Sri Ramakrishna Vedanta Society, Providence, USA


You have wonderfully expressed your ideas in very lucid English, which has made it more readable by those who will otherwise not read such text. You have given enough references to substantiate your points-that is also helpful for the readers.

Swami Sarvadevananda
Head of Sri Ramakrishna Vedanta Society, South California, U.S.A.


The get-up, cover design, and everything is nicely planned. It is your hard work for a long time. …I found you have contacted so many swamis of our order other great scholars and devotees and institutions, and liberally drawn material for your book, and that has made it rich and wide in its content.

Swami Tanmaynanda
Sri Ramakrishna Vedanta Society, India


You really worked hard and brought so many things of Hinduism which many Hindus do not know. ….found your presentation and language are wonderful.

Swami Chetanananda
Head of Sri Ramakrishna Vedanta Society, St. Louis, U.S.A.


You have done a beautiful job in setting forth our ancient faith. The text, the cover, the printing, everything is well-done.

Swami Atmarupananda
Sri Ramakrishna Vedanta Society, South California, U.S.A.



The book will receive a great appreciation from the most critical persons. It has all that is needed for the newcomer in this faith or for the well- rooted person. Your efforts in putting things together are wonderful and deserve congratulations. The scientific minded you is distinctly reflected in your treatment to the vast subject on Hinduism.

Swami Anubhavananda 


You have done a great service to Hinduism by providing such a readable and balanced account that people in the West will be able to make profitable use of. It breathes the spirit of the Sanatana Dharma, universal tolerance, the underlying oneness of all paths. In reading this book, a non-Hindu will gain a comprehensive understanding of Hindu history and spirituality, while a Hindu will be inspired to live his or her faith proudly and dynamically. I don’t think there is another book that does as much justice to the almost infinite complexity of Hinduism.

Swami Shankarananda
Mount Eliza, Australia


Something that makes it very attractive is that it contains many brief topics but written with great knowledge and a wide array of bibliographic data that allows the reader to continue searching that line of thought on their own.

Dasavatara Das
Argentina, South America



Dr Hiro Badlani’s book is an excellent introduction to Hinduism for lay people. Dr Badlani, a lay person himself, conducted extensive research into the history, philosophy, and ethics of his own religion, including interviews with many leading Hindu leaders and scholars. He distilled his findings and his carefully thought out and perceptive conclusions into a readable volume that makes Hinduism come alive for lay people.

Nicholas Piediscalzi, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus Religion
Wright State University


The book offers a comprehensive insight for the reader wanting to understand the sprawling complex religion. Covering a number of topics that comprise the corpus of the world’s oldest religion, Dr Badlani has reduced Hinduism’s intricate philosophy to engaging, simple-to-understand explanations.

Robert Arnett
Author of India Unveiled


We have reviewed the book and find it full of fascinating information about Hinduism. It is pretty comprehensive and can be a useful resource for studying Hinduism.


Jay Lakhani
Hindu Academy, U.K.


The book contains excellent and easy to understand information, which I am sure will be of particular interest to the Youth Diaspora across the World.

On behalf of the Hindu community here in the UK, we hail this noble effort and do hope to see a wide circulation and readership of the contents of this magnificent work.

Sanjay Jagatia
Hindu Council, UK


…. it seems very thorough and comprehensive, especially for those looking into Hinduism and wanting to learn more about it. You have certainly covered many important topics and aspects of Vedic culture.

Sri Nandanandana dasa (Stephen Knapp)
Vedic Scholar and Author
Detroit, USA


The Sindhi Sammelan Organizing Committee has recommended for you “THE PRIDE OF SINDHI COMMUNITY” Literary Award for your writing an outstanding book Hinduism. We feel proud of your dedication and hard work in publishing this much needed book for new generation of Hindus and for seekers of knowledge about ancient Indian religions.

Sindhi Association of South California SASC
Los Angeles


…The clarity of content is just incredible. The chapters are organized well and you did something that I truly appreciate, you got to the key points without excess wordage or fluffy descriptions.

It belongs to every practicing Hindu’s bookshelf, and it is a must for anyone even remotely curious about our faith. This book should be in every book store.

Sheree Bice
Florida, USA


This book is like a mini-encyclopedia of Hinduism.

Mohan Dadlani
Los Angeles USA


The book, in my opinion, is suitable for almost anyone interested to learn about Hinduism that has shown the path for co-existence based upon human experience of many thousands of years.

Navin Doshi
Businessman and Philanthropist
Los Angeles, USA

With availability of vast literature on Hinduism, your book fulfills the need of quick reference and source to number of questions that Hindus encounter particularly in the minds of children born yearning to probe their heritage.

Dr. Shiv Navani
Radiologist, USA


The book consists of short chapters (easy reading) covering myriads of topics including the birth of Cosmos, evolution of mankind, and appearances of Consciousness, spirituality and religion. Author also painstakingly traces the history of Hinduism through a long period during which India went through changing dynasties of rulers. Author detailed discussions on Hindu way of life, Hindu society and its various customs, traditions and rituals.

Dr Gopal Das
Las Vegas, USA


The author has harvested many of profound and beautiful quotations from this ancient and vast spiritual heritage under various organized themes and chapters. The reader gets the intellectual roller-coaster ride through ancient cultures of India, the Vedas, the Vedic philosophies and is eventually zapped to awareness by cosmic consciousness of intelligence of Divinity-the Soul.

Mani Matta
New York, USA


It is a monumental effort testifying to your extensive study and admirable research. I sincerely wish that our youngsters keep it on their table & periodically read a chapter or two. They will benefit greatly.

Rada Krishna
Los Angeles USA


I urge all Indians, particularly youth, who are seeking to know more about their religious roots, to read this book.  Dr. Badlani’s book will show you the path you need to walk to reach your roots.

Chandru Mirchandani
Los Angeles USA


…and found the book very interesting and very in-depth and yet very easy to read and understand. I like the way you start with the origins of the universe, man, religion and time, this is basically the beginning of everything. I am sure that I will produce some great sermons for my Sunday morning service from this book.

Ganesan Gramanie  
Hindu Priest, South Africa


You have very carefully and beautifully treasured all the customs, culture and religion, we had all most forgotten in your beautiful book.

Pandit Bhagirath
Los Angeles USA


I admire the way in which he has simplified the whole thing in fine English language. He has done justice to the subject matter so beautifully. And it throws light on the vast spectrum of Hinduism right from the Vedas!

Vijay Karripal


The path helps the beginner to move forward step by step gaining more and more enlightenment. The path laid down by Dr Badlani is clear and straight. Sign-boards carry thoughtful quotations to guide all sorts of pilgrims who seek knowledge about Hinduism…Dr Badlani systematized the vast subject of Hinduism in a gradational and authoritative manner.

G. Shankara Bhanu
Hyderabad, India