A Pilgrimage through India

Pilgrimage, or tirthyatara, is very different from an ordinary sightseeing trip. Tir, which in Sanskrit means “other side,” refers to the journey toward the Divine. It is the spiritual preparedness and mental outlook of sacredness of the visit, which makes the person conducive to receiving the holy vibrations. Pilgrimage done with utmost faith and purity of mind may yield the most gratifying benefits.111

Some of the most important sacred places, which also include Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, and Sikh shrines, are included here. Hindus frequently visit the pilgrimage places of these allied religions as well as their own. For want of space, only the names and few details are given; more details may be obtained from internet and other sources.



NOTE: This chapter is adapted from Arnette Robert. India Unveiled. Georgia: Atman Press, 2006